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The Reflexologist

Becky Lugardo, Reflexologist

My Teatimonial to Reflexology: I highly recommend a Reflexology session. Your health and pain level is worth it!!! Where do I begin to tell my story about how Reflexology changed my life in 2011. In 2010, I went to the doctor with lower back pain. I had an MRI with contrast, which showed I had two herniated discs (L4 & L5). I was given two options by the doctors, which were to go to physical therapy or have surgery. I chose physical therapy. A month later, I arrived at the doctors in a wheel chair and could not move or feel my legs. At this point in my life, I was pretty healthy, with no medical issues.My life changed this day. I was scheduled to undergo a lumbar laminectomy to remove the (L4 &L5) discs off my nerves. It took me 6 months to heal from this surgery, but I was able to walk and eventually recovered. After my first lumbar decompression surgery, while at work, I felt a burning in my lower back. I was taken back to the ER, had a MRI with contrast again, which showed the (L5) had ruptured and I had to go back into surgery for repair of the disc. This took me 4 months of recovery. I wasn’t so lucky this time. My right foot and ankle was paralyzed due to nerve damage of the ruptured disc. I had no feeling in my right foot or ankle. I was fitted for a brace which allowed me to walk.At this point I was grateful that I would recover and would have to make some life changes, like not being able to wear my 2/3 inch heels. I know it’s a woman thing. Up to this point I lived in chronic pain every day. Just maintaining without trying to take drugs and trying to be careful not to do anything to hurt myself. In 2011 my girlfriend said, she had gone to a reflexology session for her knee. She gave me the information of who to contact if I was interested. I waited and like everyone else, I was not sure about reflexology. August 2011, I woke up unable to move my neck. I know I had not done anything to cause this.I made that phone call to the reflexologist and asked if I could schedule an appointment.I explained a little what I was going through with chronic daily pain in my lower back, no feeling in my right foot/ankle, and not being able to move my neck. Did I know that day, that my life would change, NO. It did, I went to the reflexology session. After one session, I was able to drive my car with no lower back pain and I regained the feeling in my right foot, the pain in my neck was gone, and I was able to move my neck freely. It did take 2 or 3 more sessions to regain the feeling in my ankle. I have to be honest; I have been pain free to this day, no brace to walk and no drugs. I am back in control of my life! Reflexology is powerful!! I was so touched by my experience that, I decided to go through the certification and training. I became a certificate Reflexologist June 17, 2012.If I can touch one person and allow them to be pain free, I have done something good in my life. I practice in my Laplata home. So far the most rewarding experience I have had with Reflexology besides being pain free and able to walk, is when my grandsons come over and say Nana you got to do my Feet… What an “Awesome Journey”J

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